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Hi, I'm Mayer.

I am a Designer with a background in business (MBA) and coding experience (2 years - Fullstack). I deeply understand the building process (in its entirety) and enjoy working with everyone involved.

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My Journey

  • Pittsburgh



    Lived most of my life in 'The Burgh.' Hence I bleed Black and Gold. After college, moved back home. After some time, I realized I wanted to be in the tech industry.

  • Austin



    Attended MakerSquare Coding Bootcamp. I learned full-stack development and had a terrific experience. Tacos were good too.

  • New York

    New York


    I attended the RSA Rabbinical School, a rigorous program focused on the intricacies and arguments of the Talmud. (I can argue my way out of anything.)

    I got my M.B.A from Touro University International, with a focus in Human Resources Management. Fascinated with organizational culture and HR-Tech tools, I wanted to end up in the HR consulting field.

  • San Diego

    San Diego


    I joined Learn2Earn as the second full-time technical member. I have been designing and coding for the last two years. Still in love with the beach and can surf decently.